Allows your customers to save payment methods, making it easy for them to quickly pay invoices. We’ll also notify them by email when any saved card payment methods are about to expire.

We offer Non-Cash Adjustments (NCA) which allow you to recoup fees when customers pay with cards. Our system supports both percentage of invoice and flat fee options, or a combination of both, to give you flexibility in your pricing.

Includes a powerful back-office user management feature that allows you to invite other people to use Ingage B2B, giving multiple people in your office access to the system with various levels of permissions. This means you can control who has access to sensitive information and functionality within the platform, helping to ensure your data is secure.

We offer an API that gives you complete control over your customers, invoices, and payments. This means that you can integrate Ingage B2B into your own software or website, and use it to manage your billing process with full control over your data. With our API, you can create, update, and delete customer information, as well as generate and send invoices and process payments. You can also retrieve data to display to your customers or to use in your own internal reporting. Our API is designed to be easy to use, with clear documentation and support available to help you get started.