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Customer portal

Never Resend an Invoice Again.

Stop wasting time resending invoices, taking payments by phone, and manually updating your accounting.

Customers can simply:
✓ View & pay invoices
✓ Download account history
✓ Pay by credit card or e-Check

Plus, everything automatically syncs to your QuickBooks® using our Total-Sync™ process.

Data is always sourced from QuickBooks®, so your accounting is the master record holder.

We validate every transaction and change so systems always match.

Near real-time means your customers always see the most update to date information.

The Power of QuickBooks® & So Much More…

Our total-sync integration with QuickBooks gives you the power to control your workflows with customers, invoices, and payments all from your computer or phone.

Near-Real Time

We have an effortless integration with QuickBooks® Online® ensuring that your business information is always up to date in near real-time. We call this Total-Sync, so you can rest assured that your payment methods, terms, customer information, invoices, and payment records are all automatically connected. No user intervention, no manual uploads, just simple invoicing and payments that help you grow your business. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually updating your financial data and hello to seamless, hassle-free integration.

Email & Text

Automatically send your invoices via email and text*, saving you time and hassle.

You’ll get to customize when your customer receive their invoices and invoice reminders, how often we should follow-up if they don’t pay on time, and the content: such as custom fields like their name, invoice #, balance due, and when to pay!

Plus, PDFs can be sent with the email notifications and are always available via download in the portal, so you never get asked for copies again.

*SMS Text service required.


Let your customers pay their way!

Accept all major credit cards.
Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®.

Don’t want to pay those expensive card fees? Now you can offset that cost by applying a surcharge* to your card transactions.

Accept e-Checks via ACH (also known as Bank Transfers).

Customers receive automated payment confirmation and receipts and their online balance is reflected immediately, plus your accounting is updated automatically. No more reconciling payments or waiting for checks to come in the mail!

*Surcharging not available in MA or CT. May not apply to debit or prepaid transactions. Program requirements and card brand rules apply.

Quick Funding

When a customer makes a payment, the funds are deposited directly into your bank account. ACH payments settle in 4 business days while Card payments are funded the very next day.

Access your cash quickly to maintain cash flow and keep growing the business.

Secure & Reliable

Our online platform system is designed to be easy and intuitive for your customers to use, available whenever they’re online 24/7.

Plus, it’s backed by a Level 1 PCI-DSS Secure Payment Gateway to protect your customer’s sensitive payment information and your private business data.

The Customer is in Control

Customers can view, pay, and download invoices and receipts at anytime from their online portal.

Save time and hassle by eliminating the manual process of resending invoices or invoice changes, managing payments on file, and receipts.

Now, your customer is in control of their data. And you get your time back!